2008 CMAS International Fin Swimming Judge course in ASIA

We have the pleasure to inform you that the Asia Underwater Federation together with CMAS Fin swimming commission is organizing the 2008 International Fin Swimming Judge Course for Asian judges as follows.

  DATE : 29. Oct. ~ 2. Nov. 2008
  Venue : Yantai city, CHINA
Program : October 29 : Arrival
               October 30 : Lecture
               October 31- November 2 : Practice on the Championships as a Judge and Staff.
                                                       Final Examination
               November 3 : Departure
Condition of Participation
- Only two candidatures per country, except organizing country, Maximum 20 in total.
- Be presented by his/her national association
- Be experienced as a national judge for more than 4 years
- Know the international rules of finswimming
- Fee to AUF EUR80.- per person.
- Accommodation fee : It is not fixed yet. (May be, USD300 to Chinese Underwater Association).
- Candidatures for this course should not have any position for national team during this course.
- Lecture will be done by Mr. Roberto Lolli in English, candidature may join with their interpreter.

Please fill out the enclosed entry form and send it to AUF before 30 September.

2008 CMAS International Finswimmming Judge course-Yeantai
Entry Form for 2008 CMAS Judge Course