2008 AUF General Assembly

We have the pleasure to announce that the 16th AUF G..A. will be held as follow during the 2008 Asian Fin Swimming Championships.  

  DATE : Saterday, 01 November 2008, PM8:00
  Venue : Yantai city, CHINA
Agenda : 1. Opening of the meeting

                 2. Apologies, Proxies and Guests

                 3. Adopting of the Agenda

                 4. Adopting of the minutes of the 15th General Assembly

                 5. President's Report

                 6. General Secretary's Report

                 7. AUF Budget Report

                 8. Report of the representative of the each member nation

                 9. Proposals

                10. AUF future Programs

                11. Miscellaneous

                12. Date and Venue of the next meetings

        Enclosure :   Proxy vote Form